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Super Shaker is a shaker and a drinking bottle and it´s the absolutely perfect option for all kinds of mixing drinks like protein drinks, crash weight gainers, dietshakes and meal-replacements.

Super Shaker's design features a motivational message to push you the extra mile in achieving your goals.

Super Shaker's Motivational message

Winner's Creed (in red) - "We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle

The shaker can take up to 700ml or 25 ounces and is clearly labeled (graduated ml markings) for accurate measures and is absolutely leak-proof ! An enclosed screen avoids lumps and one can enjoy the drink right from the bottle.

Super Shaker is made out of high quality Polypropylen PP that complies with all requirements of the FDA Regulation and the corresponding Regulations in the European Union. The shaker is suitable for food, is dishwasher-proof and can even be recycled completely.

Super Shaker is made in Germany.

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Product Reviews (5 reviews)
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Loose cap?, , 03/06/2015, 16:47:07hrs
Reviewer: Jia Jun, Toh

As the previous reviewers have said, this shaker is completely leak-proof IF THE COVER REMAINS CLOSED. However, what you may not be able to tell from the picture is that the cover is not the usual screw-on type, but is instead a press-on type. And when I shake the shaker holding only the body and not the cover, the cover flies right off. The first time I used it I thought it was my own fault in being careless and not closing the cover properly, so I cleaned up the mess (protein shake all over the kitchen) and tried again. But even after making sure I closed the cover as tightly as it can be closed, the cover still flies off when I shake the shaker.

Still giving this product 3 stars instead of 1 star because:
- I can use it if I shake with two hands, making sure to hold the cover down hard
- It's cheap
- There's no funny plastic smell like some shakers 

Neat!, , 04/07/2011, 13:06:04hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Hidayat
Among all the other bottles that I had used previously, this has to be the best. It closes tight and I never experience any sort of leakage, especially when making my shake, or while drinking it.
Best bottle you can get, , 15/08/2010, 15:10:14hrs
Reviewer: samuel, seetoh
Really good bottle. Shakes the powder real good and does not leak. Cap is tight and not flimsy.
Good quality shaker, , 16/04/2010, 22:50:56hrs
Reviewer: Gee Li, Tan

Got this for a few days and is very happy with it. Recommended for other ppl and it better then the previous one I used. No funny smell.

No leakage!, , 07/07/2009, 09:58:59hrs
Reviewer: wong, sf

This shaker is definitely cool with the winner's creek message. But the funtionality is more important to me. Fill it up with water and shake damn hard. No leakage. Thats y a rating of 5 for it.

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