Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve
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 Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve
 Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve  Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve  Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve  Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve  Muscle Juice (13.2 lbs) + FREE Whey Gold single serve
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Retail price: SGD$220.80
Our price: SGD$129.90
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Muscle Juice 2544 helps hard gainers gain lean muscles and others to bulk up while boosting athletic performance.

Muscle Juice 2544 has 55 grams of the highest quality protein per serving. It is an excellent way to add the extra peptide -bonded and free form amino acids, predigested complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers), and pure crystalline fructose to your nutrition program on a consistent basis. Our great tasting formula is designed to help both hard gainers gain lean muscle and others to bulk up. It was created to boost athletic performance by providing the body with a dose of carbohydrates to help it create energy. Active men and women in all kinds of athletic activities ranging from cycling, marathons, triathlons, weigh lifting and soccer, just to name a few, can use it. Ultimate Nutrition's high quality formula incorporates a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates with a higher percentage of complex carbohydrates. This kind of formulation is ideal for sustained energy during exercise since complex carbohydrates provide energy in a steady supply. It also helps in replenishing and boosting energy levels.

Muscle Juice 2544 is ideal prior to exercise for energy and afterwards to replenish glycogen; for optimal recovery and helps to spare protein as an energy source.

Mix 250g (4 rounded scoops) of MUSCLE JUICE 2544 with 18oz of water, juice, 2% milk or your favorite beverage. Mix thoroughly, chill and serve.
To encourage maximum muscle weight gain and enhance your exercise program, take 30-45 minutes before workouts and again one hour after completion of your workouts. On non-workout days, take one serving between meals in the AM and another serving between meals in the PM.

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Out of stock. Kindly notify me when new stocks arrive!
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Promotion 01/09/2010 to , $60.0 discount.
Product Reviews (22 reviews)
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Gained 8 KG, , 26/06/2014, 01:25:46hrs
Reviewer: nguy, png

Gained 8 kg after finishing 2 tubs but I got added glutamine + ON- protein +nitrix +cellmass+multi vitamin.2scoops x 2 times perday .On protein I bought from others Company because got free SHAKER even though Nutrition park is cheaper by 10Cent.

Quiet a good weight gainer


Muscle Juice , , 22/05/2014, 12:07:24hrs
Reviewer: nguy, png

Tried this product last 2 weeks,overall is good  but its too sweet because its natural sugar mah,can gain 1 kg perweek

Beginner should tried half dosage to get used to it 1st ,after 2 weeks or so can slowly increase i.,chocolate flavour is ok for me

Ultimate-Nutrition_-Muscle-Juice-(10.45lbs), , 11/04/2014, 13:35:43hrs
Reviewer: Lam, John

This product is below par, bought it believing on the review last week 4Apr14, but they are not true reviews.

 the taste is below par, and the content does not dissiolve well .

 pls don't buy any of this brand - ultimate  nutrition muscle juice.

 Tried chocolate & cookie & cream both are a let down.

SUPER SWEET!, , 20/12/2013, 21:41:45hrs
Reviewer: Jeremy, Tan
I followed the instructions and took 4 scoops with 500ml of water... And it was super duper sweet!!! I could feel it in my throat... Im not sure if im right though, but i tried 4 scoops with 500ml of water its too sweet for me... choco flavour.
Practical, , 23/09/2012, 09:02:08hrs
Reviewer: Ryan, Li
Tastes and mixes well but has not been tremendously effective for me. Will keep other brands out there in mind. 
Quite Effective, , 04/10/2011, 17:37:47hrs
Reviewer: Chia Wai, Low
My weight increase from 56 to 59/60 after eating for 1 month. So u can say more or less 1kg per week. Taste wise, Cookie and cream is ok. Looking towards to buy a 2 tube.
chocolate flavour, , 01/09/2011, 16:58:53hrs

the 1st tub i brought was cookie & cream, it taste good and its effective . $82.90 for a huge tub like that, i think its worth it. Recently i brought the 2nd tub, chocolate flavour, it tasted like clay. 2 more years till it expire. i mixed it with water, milk, soyabean. It just taste the same. I would not encourage people who want to buy chocolate flavour.


Great Product, however.., , 17/07/2011, 00:28:20hrs
Reviewer: Andy, Lieow
Great product!, , 07/07/2011, 13:04:19hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Hidayat

I've had many mass gainers in the past, some worked, some didn't. Some tasted like crap, some made me feel like taking a crap.

 But not this product. This great-tasting mass-gaining product definitely the mass gainer to get if you are looking to add mass on your muscle. Use this product as your buddy after hammering those workouts in the gym, and you'll notice gains quick.

Typically, if you're looking to gain mass, your calorie intake has to increase, and that is why this product contains high level of carbs, fats and protein. Personally, if treat 2 scoops with non-fat milk as a serving, as felt that 4 scoops per serving is way too much to handle. As a person who doen't really have the time to eat a proper breakfast, I take this supplement every morning, as well as before/after my workouts, depending on how much I ate during the day.

Taste wise, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate are the real winners for me. I tasted Vanilla, and it wasn't my favourite.

Overall, it is a great product and recommend people who are looking to gain serious mass.

increasing price, , 01/07/2011, 22:14:25hrs
Reviewer: Daniel, Yong
i will give the product 5 out of 5 for its solubility is really good and it taste natural as well. After taking it for a few days, there was noticeable growth and it's really good for those looking to gain more muscle mass. However, due to nutrition park's increasing price range, i gave it 1 out of 5. it started selling at 69.90 for 13.2lbs. Then 79.90 for the past month and when i was abt to purchase another tub, it has already increased to 82.90. How much more do you wan to increase the price when all consumers want to increase our body mass without burning a hole in the pocket with the increasing price?
Great Product, , 25/06/2011, 21:55:05hrs
Reviewer: Lawrence, Yapp
Awesome product, , 19/06/2011, 20:31:11hrs
Reviewer: Yong Qi, Foo
I bought my first tub a few months ago. Really sweet but still the product is very effective in terms of mass gaining. However i think the protein content is rather low so I would go for a protein shake together with it. Other than that its a great product. 4 out of 5 stars
SIDE EFFECTS?, , 09/12/2010, 12:11:37hrs

I've been using muscle juice quite some time. this is my third tub....

recently i've been experiencing some side effects of the product, i have red markings/spots on my outer chest and inner bicep... anyone experiencing the same effect, especially those who have been using it for a long time pls comment....

but overall product is very effective in mass gaining....


Great Product, , 03/12/2010, 22:53:39hrs
Reviewer: Shaun, Kurian
This product is really good for putting on weight or maintaining muscle. I do not follow the 4 scoops as i think its just way too much and ill rather spread the scoops out. What i do is take 2 before workout and 2 right after workout. And yes since it is a mass gainer you gotta work extra hard to keep that 6 pack rolling. Taste wise its super sweet like beyond sweet. I use water too. Other than that its an awesome product
Muscle Juice, , 04/10/2010, 02:14:32hrs
Reviewer: Freddie , Chen

A bit clumpy sometimes. I consider myself a person who likes sweet stuff, but the cookies and cream flavor is too sweet for me, even if I use more water/milk than the recommended mixing instructions (on the label). 

Great price,great product, , 11/07/2010, 03:11:21hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Shamir

On my 1st tub..i've never expect to see this product to be in a huge tub...as compared to gnc biggest tub..i think this is the biggest tub i've seen.it's definitely worth the money.it save much more than other brands.still have yet to see the outcome of the product in times...will update again.


ps: thanks to nutrition park for the very great pricing. 

Huge Gains, , 29/06/2010, 13:28:50hrs
I'm on my 4th tub now. I'm very happy to see the results that i've gained. This products works. Ultimate Nutrition already released 2nd version and its called Muscle Juice Revolution 2600. Can't wait for the new product to come in to Singapore.. 
Good result, , 20/11/2009, 16:21:05hrs
This is my 2nd Tub.. Now Im trying the cookies and cream flavour. It taste so good as theres chunky of the cookies in it.. This product really make me grow. Im having it 3 times a day.. I mixed it with milk. In order to make u grow I need at least 3000cal-5000cal a day.
Should Give it a try.., , 20/08/2009, 17:13:57hrs
This product gonna be my best weight gainer that i ever tried. Its mix very well with milk and theres no clumps in it.. Taste wise, kinda sweet. Im lookin for if this thing gonna make me grow.. Will keep you guyz update... Cheers
Great taste! Huge gains!, , 26/06/2009, 12:37:30hrs
Reviewer: justin, ang
Gained 7kg in just a few weeks taking it. It was like 1kg a week. Looked forwarded weighing myself. Helped with gyming and sports
Good product at a good price, , 07/02/2009, 10:38:14hrs
Reviewer: Zaki, Zulfiqar
A good supplement to have for beginners. It comes in a huge tub and depending on your intake, can last between one and a half to more than two months. I tried the chocolate flavour and it's a cross between the Mcdonalds' chocolate milkshake and Milo. However, if you follow the mixing instructions of 500ml water, the taste can be a bit too sweet.  So I always mix it up in 700ml of water. Also the protein:fat:carbo ratio of 55:18:152 is a bit high on the carbo side.Overall, it is value for money. 
Great, delicious taste..., , 01/06/2008, 17:32:57hrs
Reviewer: Zailee, Ramli
I'm currently using Muscle Juice, not for gaining weight but for muscle maintenance. Instead of using it at the dosage recommended, I'm using it at half of that. All I can say is that this stuff tastes GREAT! After blending it, the protein drink is smooth and not chalky. Tastes great especially with low fat or skimmed milk. There will be crunchy bits even after blending due to the cookies and cream. Overall, a great product...
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