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 Massive Whey Gainer
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Massive Whey Gainer is the Ultimate weight gain formula on the market today. For a bodybuilder, the best way to get that protein is in the form of a gainer. But not all weight gainers are created equally. The "original" Gainer formula is better than ever. To gain muscle weight you need a high caloric formula with a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein and a proper exercise program. Each nutritionally complete dose supplies your body with 55 grams of the highest quality (As measured by Biological Value) peptide-bonded and free form amino acids, predigested complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers), pure crystalline fructose and USP Quality vitamins. Ultimate Nutrition's Massive Whey Gainer is isolated by a complex low temperature processing system to retain immune boosting proteins. No soy protein or artificial sweeteners used.

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Don't buy it, , 05/09/2013, 23:36:06hrs
Reviewer: Cavan, Tan

Buy a different formula.

Firstly, this Ultimate Nutrition Massive Whey Gainer formula creates a thick foam when mixed water, so if you're using a standard sized protein shaker, the foam will fill the entire container, making it very difficult to shake the mixture properly.

Secondly, this formula does not mix very well with water, compared to others I have tried (e.g. Optimum Nutrition). If you buy this, be prepared to swallow clumps of powder and have it stick to your teeth.

Finally, I bought the banana flavour, which has a rotten smell, even after it's been freshly mixed.

Strangely, the Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice formula has none of the above flaws, so I don't think there's anything wrong with the brand, just this particular product.

Not that bad..., , 18/04/2009, 17:38:54hrs

This product not really that bad...Even thogh it doesnt mix well with water...The taste is prtty good...Didnt get a good results...You can try this product if u wan...maybe it works for u...I think BSN True Mass is still the best gainer!! The taste like milkshake n it mix well with anything...The best thing is, IT WORKS!!!!

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