Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey (5lbs) + FREE Flavored BCAA single serve
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 Prostar Whey (5lbs) + FREE Flavored BCAA single serve
 Prostar Whey (5lbs) + FREE Flavored BCAA single serve  Prostar Whey (5lbs) + FREE Flavored BCAA single serve  Prostar Whey (5lbs) + FREE Flavored BCAA single serve
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Retail price: SGD$178.00
Our price: SGD$108.10
Promotion price: SGD$65.00 [You save: $113.00(63.48%)]
Out of stock. Kindly notify me when new stocks arrive!

Prostar Whey uses advanced technology and ingredients to drastically increase your body's amino acids levels and keep muscle-building hormones at maximum levels to help you build muscles,fast!

To meet the needs of athletes, researchers at Ultimate Nutrition have developed Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey with all of the essential and non-essential amino acids to build muscle after intense exercise of both short and long duration. It is a customized whey that is isolated by a complex low temperature processing system that utilizes a proprietary micro and ultra filtration process to ensure the highest quality whey protein.

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey contains all the whey protein fractions such as Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptide, Immunoglobulins, Proteose Peptones, Serum Albumin, Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase.

This canister of Prostar Whey gives you more of what you want (pure, unadulterated whey protein) with less of what you don't (fat, trans fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other carbohydrates) with every serving. In fact, UN Prostar Whey is better than ever! Here's why:

1. UN Prostar Whey provides more whey protein isolates (WPI) - the purest and most expensive source of whey protein available.
2. Higher protein percentage. Now with 25 grams of protein in just slightly over one-ounce serving, UN Prostar Whey is nearly 83% protein by weight!
3. UN Prostar Whey is instantized to mix easily and completely with just a few twirls of a spoon.
4. Every serving supplies even more low, moderate, and high molecular weight, biologically active whey protein microfractions including Alpha-lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptides, Beta lactoglobulin, Immunoglobulin G (IgG), Lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and various growth factors.
5. Over 6 grams of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) in each scoop!
6. Low Fat with only 1g of fat per serving!
7. Zero Trans Fat!
8. UN Prostar Whey Natural Flavour is now Halal certified!

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 - 3 servings daily. For maximum muscle growth, take before and after your workout.

FAST: Mix 1 scoop (30 grams) of Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein into 8oz of water or milk in a blender. If desired, add fruit, peanut butter, yogurt, or ice cream. Blend for 30 - 45 seconds.

FASTER: Mix 1 scoop (30 grams) of Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein into 8oz of water or milk in a shaker cup. Shake for 25 - 30 seconds.

FASTEST: Mix 1 scoop (30 grams) of Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein into 8oz of water or milk in a glass. For a thicker shake, mix into 4oz of water or milk. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein is instantized so it will mix easily with a spoon.

This product contains the artificial sweetening agent(s) Acesulfame-K, Sucralose
Supplement facts and servings may differ slightly for different flavours. Specially formulated sports nutrition supplement, meant for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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Promotion 01/09/2010 to , $43.1 discount.
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Product Reviews (33 reviews)
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Please stock up thank you!, , 09/09/2017, 11:41:07hrs
Reviewer: ahmad, faris
one of my favourite product but it seems that 80% of the supplements are all out of stock lol
good service, , 25/05/2014, 12:53:21hrs
Reviewer: Loh, Jia Wei
the delivery service was very efficient. product taste good.
gd service n product, , 15/05/2014, 18:42:33hrs
Reviewer: kevin, ong
Gt to give compliment to the delivery man gd service thks as for the protein gd taste n blend easily my 3rd tub nw
Ultimate Nutrition Strawberry, , 14/05/2013, 12:05:07hrs
Reviewer: Nigel, Cai

Tried UN Strawberry flavoured protein shake for the first time and it taste very nice and comfortable. There is little or no after taste of the typical protein shake. Protein powder dissolved instantly. Very satisfied with this product. Previously tried their chocolate flavoured shake but don't really like the taste. Perhaps in my opinion, its not that nice and i had to force it down my throat. Strawberry is a much better combination. 

Nutritionpark delivery is very efficient. Thumbs up for that :)  

Great product!, , 22/09/2012, 23:46:40hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Taufiq

Had my fifth tub today and as usual, the service was great. This Prostar Whey had been my number one choice of protein supplement so far. Taste wise i would say 8/10. The only thing im concern is that, the price is shooting up quite fast since months back :/


Great Shipping and Product, , 18/09/2012, 16:42:50hrs
Reviewer: Wileen, Lim

I've tried various brands however this taste pretty acceptable though it took me a really long time to shake the bottle to get the scoop out. Delivery was fast and great. Thank you for your prompt and flexible arrangements.

Meanwhile, the product is not too sweet and is of a good texture. It does not taste like strawberry milk and still got that eeeky protein powder gluey texture... no choice a protein shake is a protein shake.. just glad its not a tad too sweet... 

No regrets! , , 31/05/2012, 18:58:01hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad , Faiz
Used to be on the chocolate, now on strawberry. All I've got to say is, the strawberry is awesome. Taste just like some strawberry milk. I'm not too sure how good this product is, but yes I can see result after using the first tub. You cant possible see result just after your first shake. Let be practical and honest about this. It takes time. However, I can say that this product really brings result. You'll get leaner.. That is IF you workout/exercise. However seems like NP is increasing the price slowly.. That sucks! 
Second tub, no regrets. Even more SATISFIED, , 31/05/2012, 18:53:17hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad , Faiz
Used to be on the chocolate, now on strawberry. All I've got to say is, the strawberry is awesome. Taste just like some strawberry milk. I'm not too sure how good this product is, but yes I can see result after using the first tub. You cant possible see result just after your first shake. Let be practical and honest about this. It takes time. However, I can say that this product really brings result. You'll get leaner.. That is IF you workout/exercise. However seems like NP is increasing the price slowly.. That sucks! 
Excellent product, , 25/05/2012, 22:18:09hrs
Reviewer: Md Nizar, B Md Noor
Bought the Natural flavour. Hints of a milk taste which is good. Easily mixes with no clumps using a shaker . 
BEGINNERS, LOOK HERE., , 05/04/2012, 23:17:31hrs
Reviewer: Derick, Teo
this is my first time trying protein, i'm a beginner.
At first, im actually scared that the powder would taste lousy, but to my surprise, it tasted really good. btw, i bought the chocoolate flavour type.
i recommend it for beginner!!!!!
superb but price increasing, , 12/12/2011, 11:14:40hrs
Reviewer: hazreen, shah
bought my 1st tub and anxious to use it but ive samples the cookies and cream and it taste amazing..mixability is superb!300ml and it dissolves like its milk and not powdered form...rili great product..but something bother me is that only a while ago i checked it was $67.90 and when i bouth it 2 days ago it was $69.90..please nutritionparkk dont increase till $70+ im sure it wont be tat hot as it was before when it was only $67.90..afterall,nutritionpark is my no 1 store for whey protein:)
Ice cream, , 30/10/2011, 20:50:20hrs
Reviewer: Soffyan , Adams

i tried raspberry flavour with milk and it taste like ice cream!! so far so good, have good recovery and well result lasted mine about 1 month plus..

didnt expect much but it works for a skinny ghuy like me. wanting to try the strawberry flavuor

Taste like plastic, , 20/10/2011, 20:14:07hrs
Reviewer: Marcus, Yip

Banana flavour smells great! But as soon as i tasted it, everything went south. Had to hold my breath everytime i drank this. Abit clumpy wether it's with warm water, cold water, stirring in cup or violently shaking in bottle. 3 weeks of BLEH~~
Anyhow, works good, boosts muscle recovery effectively. I read somewhere here that Banana tastes great... well, I HATE U SIR! lol 

big bang for the buck, , 12/07/2011, 15:59:39hrs
Reviewer: Damien, Sutanto
I only take one scoop after exercise mixed with water so this tub lasted me for several months. Bought chocolate mint flavor. The taste need some adjustment but other than that, this thing definitely works since combined with good diet, I can feel that my muscles are now more leaner than ever. Plus it has a much lower cholesterol compared to ON whey protein
Awesome!, , 07/07/2011, 12:50:25hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Hidayat

This is undoubtedly one of the best protein supplements in the market today. Firstly, due to its relatively low fat & sugar content. Not to mention a whooping 25 gram of all-important protein which is more as compared to other brands. It definitely increased my strength as I increased the intensity of my workouts, and has been the catalyst to my noticeable results.

Personally, when I am looking to purchase a protein supplement I am not concerned about the taste, because all I am concerned about are the results. However, this protein supplement tastes great, based on the 2 flavours that I had stuck with(Chocolate & Banana). 

 This product gets a double thumbs up from me, and I sincerely hope that NutritionPark continues to sell this product and this low price, so that loyal customers like us can continue buying this product at an affordable price, and also to show others that bodybuilding is not an expensive sport.

Really great, both product and service, , 12/06/2011, 01:59:03hrs
Reviewer: Joseph, Goh

I would first like to complement the service as it might have been off protocol but has saved me a hassle and possibly money from rushing home just to pick up the product which I ordered as I happened to be busy on that day, the delivery personnel actually allowed me to change it to a fund transfer last minute and gave me the trust to transfer the money while leaving the product and the bank account number to transfer to behind (effectively saying "I'll pay for u first transfer the money to me afterwards") which I think I myself personally might not have enough trust for a first time customer. For that, I would really like to give a big thank you to the delivery man, and a couple of thumbs up for their service. (one of the best I've experienced for online shopping and for products which are below $100 bucks even)


About the product, it is really great tasting (unexpectedly) and really easy to mix unlike the comparison between the protein which I bought from a Nature's Farm outlet by SCITEC NUTRITION called Ultrafiltered Whey Protein. It has a net weight of 920g per bottle and has 22g of protein per scoop with 3g of carbs. The price however is atrocious at $89.90 per bottle and I bought 2 at a 50% discount for both back then. However the mixing was tough and it was lumpy even after shaking it real hard in the shaker bottle unlike this protein powder which could dissolve easily even with a fork (in a cup, stir, 1 scoop). I would highly recommend this protein and I'm really hoping that the Optimum NutritionPro Complex would come in quick as I would really like to buy a bottle of it :) 

Ultimate Nutrition the One, , 07/05/2011, 00:41:36hrs
Reviewer: Mohd Nazri, taib
This is my 2nd tub on Prostar Whey. What more can I say? It taste good. Can mixed with almost anything. Most of the time I would mix it with milk & a banana & blend it. Awesome! Most importantly is you can see the result!
Great Protein!! :P, , 14/04/2011, 08:39:21hrs
Reviewer: Chris, Koh

Bought my first tub (Creme Chocolate flavour). Mixes well and tastes really good. Although i find it mixes better with water than milk, thus i have been using a mix of both water and milk.Taking it before and after workouts reduces muscle soreness. Noticable muscle gains.

P.S: NutritionPark's prices are really good and affordable. Delivery is awesome.Bought at 7pm and got it in the morning the next day :D

affordable & awesome, , 08/04/2011, 19:03:16hrs
Reviewer: Muhammad, Hazwan
Two words for nutrition park, affordable & awesome!!
First tub of ProteinPowder Ordered online, , 26/02/2011, 01:35:19hrs
Reviewer: Gregory, Yeo
I just bought my first tub of protein powder online and got this 5lbs tub (strawberry flavour) because I heard and read that it was very good and tastes good. I was skeptical at first because the previous protein powders I took tasted horrible but I was surprised because the taste of this powder is very good. Definately recommended.
Going for my second, , 14/12/2010, 17:20:43hrs
Reviewer: Avan, Kua

This is my first time taking protein supplement. I bought the Chocolate flavoured. At first I thought that it will leave aftertaste in my mouth and taste horrible but to my surprise, it tasted just like Chocolate Milk. It also does not make me bloated.

Results shown just after my first tub. My muscles are bigger and leaner. I will be buying my second tub and I am thinking of trying other flavours.

Going for my second, , 14/12/2010, 17:13:34hrs
Reviewer: Avan, Kua

This is my first time taking protein supplement. I bought the Chocolate flavour. At first, I thought it will have aftertaste in my mouth and it will taste horrible. But to my surprise, it tastes just like chocolate milk.

After having the first tub, results really shown. My muscle mass is bigger and leaner. Great product. I will be going for my second tub. Thinking of trying other flavours.

satisfied with strawberry, , 09/11/2010, 17:10:05hrs
Reviewer: caleb, cheong
i am on my third tub now & taking the strawberry flavour. i am very satisfied with the taste. rich & taste natural.
bought another tub!, , 02/09/2010, 16:47:18hrs
Reviewer: edi, chen
now its cheaper than the time when i first bought it!!still a very good product.ordered cookies and cream.
real good, , 09/07/2010, 19:15:02hrs
Reviewer: James, Hii
I bought this because it was on offer and for the 'unflavored' version. I was afraid it was going to taste horrible, but it doesnt.. it just tastes somewhat like milk (which is a good thing). and it dissolves literally with 'a few twirls of a spoon' (way better than ON). I'll be sticking to this brand for some time.
great product at cheap price, , 07/07/2010, 22:17:09hrs
Reviewer: edi, chen
bought a raspberry to try,tasted like diluted strawberry,netherless GREAT!!mixes VERY WELL and is really CHEAP!it tasted thin and little bloat* thus more ISOLATE@!@!
A protein powder that tastes like milk shake, with water!, , 02/06/2010, 11:49:52hrs
Reviewer: danny, ee
I tried a sample of this product and immediately got hooked. Mixes perfectly and tastes excellent. Someone finally made a protein powder that tastes right.

Initially, i thought this was just one of those junk "milk shake powder" - Protein powders w great taste but little protein content, which doesn't achieve its function as a protein powder at all.

But check out the label and you realise it's 25g of protein per serving, which is by far the highest standards on the market. I don't know how they manage to pack so much protein in there and yet put in enough flavours to taste great. But this is definitely a winner!

a very budget and good protein,, , 01/06/2010, 14:20:41hrs
Reviewer: Kino, Ng
cheap and good. taste great too. the look of the tub is nice too =)
Damn, this is good!, , 01/06/2010, 09:54:35hrs
Reviewer: Darren, Yap
I am not someone who is good with words, but you get the meaning yeah?
Prostar Whey!, , 07/04/2010, 21:54:39hrs
Reviewer: Ryan, Wong

In the past, I have ordered 2 types of protein from NutritionPark. First was ON's 100% Gold Standard (Double Choc) and earlier this year, ON's Pro Complex (Chocolate). As you can see, I am a fan of Chocolate flavour. 

I first tried Prostar Whey when NP sent me a sample of their Chocolate Creme. I had it the morning after my gym workout the previous day. To be honest, i was expecting some very "manufactured" and artificial taste. Lo and behold, the shake tasted like a mixture of Horlicks + Chocolate (I mixed it with water, mind you!). I liked the taste so much that i even decided to order it instead of Pro Complex (which is the protein with the most complete profile) or 100% Gold Standard the following week.

The reason why i gave it a 4/5 is because i felt ON Pro Complex deserves a 5 and although Prostar has a decent enough profile and an incredible taste, it is not on par with PC - can't possibly give them both 5 stars; must be fair!

After using it extensively for a while now, i feel the part that bothers me the most is the muscle aches or DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). It was pretty bad the night after my workout and even more so the day after. I even tried using 2 scoops of Prostar (50g of protein) - but the ache was still worse than when i used 1 scoop (30g of protein) of Pro Complex.


Nutrition profile-wise, Prostar Whey can be comparable to ON 100% Gold Standard. As for the Chocolate flavours, I believe Ultimate Nutrition has a winner in Prostar. 

I recommend Prostar Whey Chocolate Creme flavour for individuals who are looking for a great tasting chocolate flavoured protein powder loaded with all the basic stuff like BCAAs and Glutamine precursors.

However, if you wanna work out more intensively without the DOMS hindering your performance in the gym, i suggest a blended protein like ON's Pro Complex - which can also be purchased on NP at $15.90 more.

NEW BUT EXCELLENT!, , 26/03/2010, 23:10:34hrs
Reviewer: Chng Kiat, Tan

Best tasting protein so far! Since it is a new product i was quite worried about its quality. After buying, NO REGRETS!

Execellent Protein Powder, , 26/03/2010, 16:06:28hrs
Reviewer: Chin, wei shen
Must Try, , 14/03/2010, 09:49:11hrs
Reviewer: lim, xiao wei

Bought a chocolate prostar to try out after seeing its new packaging. Did not expect much, but to my surprise, it really mix well in my shaker effortlessly. The taste is good too, think i'll try out some other flavous. Best of all, no trans fats.

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