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  Calcium Plus
  Calcium Plus
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Just about every cell in the human body needs calcium. Calcium is a mineral that enables blood clotting; aids transmission of nerve impulses, and helps insure a regular heartbeat. The human bodyreliesheavilyoncalciumtofunctionproperly. And,structurally,bonesandteethrequire calcium to stay strong and healthy... muscle cells too.

Because calcium is so vitally important, our bodies have developed a carefully-regulated process to ensure that new calcium is always -and immediately- available. The body does this in two ways; first, by absorbing calcium directly from the foods and supplements we consume; and, second, when it’s not available from digestion, by pulling calcium out of bones.

Bone depletion occurs when blood levels of calcium drop too low, usually when it’s been some time since ingesting calcium-containing foods or supplements. And, as the body absorbed calcium away from its bone, the bones become less dense and more fragile.

The main goal of good calcium nutrition is to maintain an adequate intake, so that our bodies do not have to dip into our only calcium reservoir we have – our bones.

Antioxidants work in a variety of ways to reduce the effects of free radicals. They can greatly decrease the damage caused by free radicals, stop them from forming to begin with, or "oxidize" thembycombiningwiththemandneutralizingtheirharmfuleffectsthroughstabilization. Zinc is an essential nutrient required by humans and animals alike. It plays a variety of biological rolesinthebodyincludingcatalytic,structural,andregulatoryroles. Zincaidsinthebody’s absorption of minerals; including calcium.

Although most people are familiar with calcium’s role in bone health, it is important to remember that vitamin D is responsible for helping the body absorb and utilize calcium. The relations hip between calcium absorption and vitamin D is similar to that of a door lock and key. Vitamin D is the key that unlocks the door so calcium can leave the intestine and enter the blood stream. Vitamin D also works in the kidneys to help reabsorb calcium that otherwise would be excreted – it makes the whole absorption process more efficient.

That’s the plus in Calcium Plus.

Directions: Take 1 - 2 tablets daily, after or between meals, or as directed by a health care professional. 

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