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 CLAPure, Patented (90 softgels)
 CLAPure, Patented (90 softgels)
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CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in our diet and since the body cannot produce this fatty acid it can be obtained only through the diet. CLA is best known as an effective product for reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass resulting in an improved body shape. Following digestion, CLA is absorbed and metabolized by the body, as are all types of oils. Studies have shown that CLA inhibits lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat from our diet so that it can be absorbed and stored in the body. By suppressing this enzyme, CLA helps reduce the amount of fat deposited and stored throughout the body. CLAPure is a patented formula that contains the right concentration and amount of CLA to help you in weight management.

Suggested Use:
As an adult dietary supplement, take one (1) dark amber CLAPure softgel with each meal. Do not combine with chitosan-based weight-loss products.

CLAPure is protected by United States patent #5,855,917, #5,760,082, #4,443,535, #4,320,066 and #5,428,072.


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Product Reviews (6 reviews)
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Side effects, , 16/12/2016, 22:12:08hrs
Reviewer: GuoWei, Gasper

After seeing the below reviews I decided to get 1 bottle and try out. while taking this CLA supplement, 1 soft gel after a meal, 3 times a day together with my cardio training. after 3 weeks I being to experience out of breath symptom. 

I had stop taking this and still experience breathless issue. not sure whether that my body does not suit the supplement.

Result after taking the supplement:

my weight still maintains and I do get a bit lean. but with my consistent training program, the result might not come from this supplement.

Right now I am under medical care due to my breathless and could not carry out long time training as before. 

Thus i don't really recommend it.

Hope you guys continue train hard :) 

SUGGESTED USE., , 12/08/2016, 16:50:30hrs
Reviewer: Raden Azuan, Rohani

Instructions says take ONE softgel  with each meal. Before or after meal? And how many times should we take for ONE DAY,what if we eat 2 meals a day..pls reply..need help..

sadly.. it WORKS!!! :D, , 10/02/2013, 00:45:49hrs
Reviewer: Kaung, Htet Kyaw
it really can kick out the lovehandles and belly fat but slowly. You can't lose weight with this product , only can burn fat. If you are going to take this product, make sure you dont have important meetings in the first 2days , cos this will give you some stomach problem for 2days but it's all gone after that.
Instructions not clear, , 26/09/2012, 14:21:51hrs
Reviewer: Ryan, Chng

Instructions state to take one softgel with each meal. Is it before each meal,

after each meal or during each meal? Please reply thanks

instructions, , 22/07/2011, 16:39:18hrs
Reviewer: Megat Indra , Putra
btw the instruction says "take one softgel with each meal." does that mean eat after of before meal. Could someone help me? thank you
Real toner, , 26/06/2009, 12:44:19hrs
Reviewer: justin, ang
Got real toned after taking this supplement. After a few weeks, the all my muscle definitions became really obvious.
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