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PowerGrape® is a whole grape extract rich in flavanols; procyanidins particularly. It has been shown to decrease oxidative stress generated in professional athletes during competition and increase plasma antioxidant capacity.
In a placebo controlled, double-blind, crossover, randomized clinically trial of 20 sportsmen, there was a significant increase of 21.1% in performance power by those who took the clinically research amount of PowerGrape® that is found in Red ZoneTM.

The Red ZoneTM fatigue-delaying complex combines the precise blend of COQ-10 and beta alanine that have been clinically studied to extend workouts. Energy is the currency the body uses to carry out all metabolic processes and to function optimally. Energy is especially required during exercise and in endurance training when the athletes not only need instant energy but also a sufficient supply of oxygen to maintain a rigorous regimen.

Coenzyme Q10 is the spark that produces energy is the body. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential compound necessary for the transport and breakdown of fat into energy. Because CoQ10 produces energy in combination with respiration, supplementation with dietary CoQ10 ensures that muscles and other critical tissues and organs receive ample amount of oxygen via blood.

Research indicates that Beta-Alanine increases lactate threshold, improves the ability to maintain maximal power output during high-intensity exercise and decreases neuromuscular fatigue. By elevating Carnosine level, it may protect against damage to nerves, letting them fire at a faster rate than if they are injured.

Red ZoneTM also contains a proprietary Calorie Burning Complex. This complex is designed to aid the body by providing powerful antioxidants while burning calories through thermogenesis. Our complex helps increase the body's temperature enabling the body to burn calories as heat; to be used as energy, thereby preventing them from being stored a fat. The key ingredients in Red ZoneTM create a fat burning environment by working in synergy.

Work out harder, longer and burn fat faster with Ultimate Nutrition Red ZoneTM.

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Product Reviews (10 reviews)
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Favourite pre workout, , 15/08/2015, 15:32:15hrs
Reviewer: fitharmonik, orkestra

Definitely a must have for my workouts. Great energy and focus.  Get ready for intensity and be in the zone when taking this supp.  good ingredients.



Favourite pre workout, , 15/08/2015, 15:31:43hrs
Reviewer: fitharmonik, orkestra

Definitely a must have for my workouts. Great energy and focus.  Get ready for intensity and be in the zone when taking this supp.  good ingredients.



Great product!, , 01/06/2014, 21:44:01hrs
Reviewer: Charmaine, Phoon
Highly recommended, felt more energized after taking 2 tabs per serving. & even more so when I'm doing my cardio. Must buy.
It burns...even in my mouth!, , 09/02/2012, 17:08:22hrs
Reviewer: Lionel, Liew

It acts like a caffeine pill which makes me awake till even 5am! So, try not to consume too much.

I'm only having 2 pills on certain days but I guess that's should be enough for me. I don't have to have insomia having these pills. Its that caffeinated, trust me!

Anyway, once you pop the pills in your mouth, you may want to quickly swallow it, otherwise you will feel a burning effect on your tongue.

Decent Product, Good Motivator., , 20/06/2011, 08:58:20hrs
Reviewer: CQ, Lee
This is decent product that I will most likely buy again. I notice an increase in energy when i take these pills. I pop 3 before I hit the gym and really get motivated to work. The beta-alainine in this is great for increasing muscle work reducing fatigue in the gym. I also like this product for the CO Q-10 which has been show to treat migraines and headaches. I sometimes get headaches in the gym, but not so much when I take this product. It also has made me more regular, which may be from some of the extracts in it. I noticed a slight decrease in my gut and love handles which are hard to keep trim. A little spendy at $75.90 a bottle, but they work well for me.
Product is Great!, , 29/12/2010, 10:20:43hrs
Reviewer: Teck Huat, Khoo
Product is great! It gives me a lot of energy but not the jitters! It kinda sustains for a periods of 4-5 hours, not a sudden boost, great product! Just ordered my 2nd bottle!
Best Fat Burner!, , 17/12/2010, 13:28:55hrs
Reviewer: David, Lam
One of the best fat burners on the market right now, it give you a kick of energy and some kind of refreshing effect. I used the serving of 3 capsules and it worked wonders, I recommend it to everyone looking for a good fat burner plus energy rush for the workout. Is a perfect product to use during cardio or weightlifting workout. I'll give it 5 stars.
Hot Stuff!, , 24/08/2010, 23:51:15hrs
Reviewer: Parthiban, R K
I started with 3 caps with no tingling feeling...but before my body started heating up my stomach was on fire. The capsules taste like red hot pepper. So if you have a weak stomach like mine, drink plenty of water. But after the 1st few doses, it is ok now. Also watch out for the timing when you take the supplement. I missed my afternoon dose and tried to make up for it in the evening...the end result was I became a night owl, late into the night. This is the downside side of stimulant enhanced (caffeine) weight loss supplements. Besides these -ve pts, I feel like a hot guy...literally :) Anxiously waiting to see some good results.
Highly Effective Fat Burner, , 04/08/2010, 09:53:15hrs
Reviewer: Kevin , Khoo
I rated this product five stars as it did deliver results. Lost 6kg in 2 weeks, had improved mood and energy, made eating much less tempting and smaller meals more satisfying. Strongly recommend this product compared to what else is out there, just caution on the dosage. Start with one caplet per serving and slowly increase based on how you are reacting. I got up to the three per serving and I started feeling an almost instantaneous tingling sensation (from the Beta Alanine) but two's enough for me to feel all the above effects and i am sticking to two, so don't be afraid to take it a little slow after all you will save money by taking less.
Hot Stuff!, , 08/06/2010, 09:30:23hrs
Reviewer: edwin, teo
Can really feel the heat burning in my body immediately after taking my first serving of red zone. It gives me the energy to finish my work early in the morning. Best of all, managed to lost 4kg in a month with some cardio training. Hot stuff!
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