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 Nitrix w AVPT
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Live for the pump with NITRIX AVPT!

NITRIX AVPT expands your blood vessels, which acts to increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscle cells. By ensuring the efficient travel of blood and nutrients throughout the body, you will experience improved workout performance, amazing pumps, all-day muscle fullness, greater energy, a heightened resistance to fatigue and a greater ability to recover.

What to Expect From Nitrix
Week 1 - Your Body Is In A Nitric Oxide Loading Phase, Prepare Yourself For What Is About To Take Place! You will start to experience the initial signs of your "muscle swelling" full body pumps! You will also notice the beginning stages of an increase in your strength, recuperation, and endurance. 
 Week 2 - Nitrix Has Just Turned On The Transformation Switch! At some point in week 2 the nitric oxide switch flips on. You will really start to see and feel the power of the Nitrix induced transformation. During week 2 your strength, recuperation, and endurance should noticeably increase. Your muscles will also become visibly fuller and much harder and you may also start to experience an increase in "male" size and performance.
Week 3 - The Metamorphosis Has Begun And It Only Gets Better From Here! You should feel your skin tightening around your muscles and your vascularity will become exaggerated (almost freakish). You should now be experiencing rock hard, full body pumps that last all day long. Your recuperation will seem almost immediate and your strength and endurance should skyrocket. Your gains in lean mass should be unmistakable and at this point everyone in the gym will be asking what you are taking.
Week 4 And Beyond - Everyday You Look In The Mirror You Should Notice A New, More Muscular Physique. You should now be achieving new levels in lean mass, muscularity, and density that many people may only reach after years of heavy lifting! If you think this is good, hang on; the Nitrix transformation still has a long way to go!

A Closer Look At The Science Behind Nitrix's Sustained Pumps And Muscle Promoting Effects! Nitrix - The Most Advanced NO Supplement Ever Developed! 

AVPT (Advanced Volumizing & Performance Technology): A proprietary blend of four advanced creatine analogs and Beta Alanine designed to increase creatine transport, uptake and effectiveness, leading to accelerated muscle recovery and hydrogen ion buffering. AVPT contains:

Sodium Creatine Phosphate Matrix: a sodium salt of creatine phosphate, which enhances water solubility. Once inside the bloodstream, a sodium chloride dependant transporter is responsible for carrying the creatine to the muscles cells. So by combining creatine with sodium, the uptake and absorption of creatine is greatly enhanced.

Creatine Ethyl Ester-Beta-Alanine Dual Action Composite (CarnoSyn): BSN's newest proprietary blend, designed to increase the water and lipid solubility of creatine. Not only has BSN increased water and lipophilicity, hydrogen ion buffering has also been addressed with the addition of Beta-Alanine. Recent research indictates that the "burning" sensation of muscular fatigue may not be simply lactic acid accumulation, but also a proliferation of hydrogen ions; a metabolic by-product. Beta-Alanine supplementation increases the production of carnosine, a dipeptide known to help buffer lactic acid accumulation and neutralize hydrogen ions. Thus, by combining a fat and water soluble creatine with Beta-Alanine, it enables the creatine to function beyond its normal rate limiting system, leading to superior absorption and effectiveness.


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Product Reviews (2 reviews)
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Good results, , 12/04/2012, 22:00:53hrs
Reviewer: Andy, Lee

After taking for 1 week, could feel and see my muscles are now more define and lean.  Still waiting to see more results, coming to my second week.  However, did not really feel an increase of strength at the gym..

Worth buying..

Very Good Supplement, , 02/11/2010, 23:05:01hrs
Reviewer: Thierry, Ng
It works very well, noticeable increase in stamina, it may seem pricey but I believe it's actually more affordable than other Nitric Oxide supplements if you compare the dosages per day. Only problem it may pose to others is the dose of 9 tablets a day, but I didn't have problems with that.
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