Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Machine PVKC83x
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 Vertical Knee Raise Machine PVKC83x
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Retail price: SGD$1299.00
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Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Machine is designed to provide an intense abs workout while eliminating strain on the lower back. Its easy and convenient step entry also makes getting started a breeze. Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Machine's comfortable DuraFirmTM back pads and arm supports is able to reduce fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to keep working on your abs and obliques. Do knee raises, leg raises and oblique bends with this powerful machine and feel your abs working hard. Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Machine also comes with a dip Station handles with oversized handgrips for a killer triceps/ deltoid/ lower pectoral workout. Grab the dip handles to develop massive triceps. Lastly, you may do your chin-up on this rock solid frame of Powerline Vertical Knee Raise Machine giving you a full upper body workout. This freestanding Vertical Knee Raise/ Chin-up/ Dip combo machine is exactly what you need to bulk up your arms and shoulders while you lose inches and rip your abs.

      Key Features

  • Safe No-Slip step up entry.
  • Thick DuraFirmTM back and arm pads.
  • Comfortable oversized handgrips.
  • Lat pull-up/ chin-up station features easy step-up entry.
  • Push-up Station is cushioned and mounted a full 12" off the floor for the deepest pec building push-ups possible.

Dimension: 81" x 37" x 26" (206cm x 94cm x 66cm) (Height x Length x Width)

Max Weight Load: 441lbs (200kg)

Warranty: 10 years warranty on frame; 1 year warranty on all other parts; 1 year on-site warranty.   

If you are interested to view the product, you may visit us at 48 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Building, #05-03, Singapore 669269 between 10am-5pm daily.

Assembly and delivery will be provided FREE with purchase of this product.


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Product Reviews (1 reviews)
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Affordable Equiment that functions, , 08/07/2013, 10:46:34hrs
Reviewer: Ray, Soh




was half an hour late and they did not call me to clarify that they are going
to be late. (9.00am to 1pm slot. they arrived at 1.30pm)




service: Not able to hear them clearly (perhaps due to the faulty phone
system) and they did not call back even though they mentioned they would
call me back to provide information on the delivery timing.




Wife was
pissed because she wants to go out...


Equipment is
slightly shaky.


When you
are doing a pull up, you have to control your body to prevent your waist from
touching the backrest. This can be improved if the pull up bar could protrude
out more. But then the base would also need to be modified to provide more


Hand grip
is not very secure and tend to slip/ turn for the pull up bar.


Hand grips
for pull up bar and dips is slightly narrow and exert more pressure on the hand
when exercising.


Now for the


cheap compared to retail outlet (and for including delivery and assembly). You
need 2 persons to assemble this equipment.


computer generated sms confirmation that the product is going to arrive on
certain time/ date.


Able to
receive the product on the same day (order Sunday 12.0Xam and received on the
same day at 1.30pm)


late, the delivery man was quick to apologize and he was friendly (he was
teaching his colleague to set up the equipment in a very kind fashion ;P)




was quite fast and they did not damage my flooring.




the pull up bar has certain limitations, I am actually FORCED to do very
standard chin ups (no jerking, slow ascend and descend). The narrow grip cause
more pain/ pressure then normal chip up bars but not sure whether this could
train my forearm or grip strength or pain tolerance (haha). I am able to
do 50+ non-standard chin ups using chin-up bar at the park but reduced to
10+ chin ups using this equipment. Very humbling experience.




Dips is
functional. Again grip handle can be wider.




Leg raise:
Leg/ knee raise is amazing. Perhaps this equipment is primarily design for
this exercise (hence its name). I do not think I need to do a sit up ever to
train the abs (sit up tends to strain the neck, and you have to lie on the mat...)




saver: due to the design, this equipment can be placed against the wall.






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