Ultimate Nutrition Amino Gold 1500
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 Amino Gold 1500
 Amino Gold 1500
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Free form and peptide bonded amino acids derived entirely from the 100% natural enzymatic digest of whey protein Isolate. Each super whey amino 1500 tablet contains: 1500 mg of Ultimate Nutrition's exclusive, specially processed 100% Natural Enzymatic Digest of Whey Protein Isolate. Our true enzymatic digest yields an Amino Nitrogen of 2.5 and a Total Nitrogen of 13.2. Enzymatically digested (by food grade enzymes) whey protein isolate increases protein digestibility and improves amino acid absorption for greater assimilation by your body. Super Whey Amino 1500 contains all the whey protein fractions predigested, such as Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactalbumin, Peptones, Serum Albumin and Lactoferrin. Super Whey Amino 1500 contains only naturally occurring amino acids.

As a dietary supplement, take 12 tablets daily (3 tablets four times per day between meals). For maximum muscle growth, take one serving pre-workout and one serving post workout.

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huge pills, , 28/10/2011, 16:53:54hrs
Reviewer: Chan, Ryan
just got it today. too early for me judge if it work or not. but the pill is a killer. its huge! 1/3 of my pinky.
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