Improve Overall Health : Building a lean and mean workforce

Do you frequently face the following problems?

  1. Employees taking MCs and not turning up for work.
  2. Lethargic, Inefficient and unproductive employees who seem to be working all day but get nothing much done.
  3. Employees with short attention spans who frequently walk around, eg. To the toilet, to the pantry and etc.
  4. Employees who forgets instructions quickly and easily, wasting your precious time in repeating instructions.

 If you have the above problems and would like some solutions, we know what you need.

Your employees need to improve their health and fitness levels.

Reasons to have a trim & fit workforce:
1. Having a fit body will make you more resistant to diseases and reduce your likelihood of falling sick.

2. Maintaining a good level of physical fitness will give you increased energy and vitality, helping you to work more efficiently and productively.

3. Circulation and breathing will be more effective, helping you to think better, have longer concentration spans and better memory.

Benefits for your company to own a gym:
1. Create a better working environment in the company.

2. Improves your staffs' work performance, helping you generate more profits with less number of people than a bunch of unfit, unmotivated personnel. (higher return on investment)

3.  Improves your corporate image.

4.  Increased staff benefits will help you recruit more talents who are looking at not just salaries only in this competitive recruitment environment.'s forte is at delivering high quality products for all your health and fitness needs with good after-sales support at breakneck speeds - within 24 hours!'s Key Competencies:
1. Many years of experience in the health & fitness industry - we can tailor packages to suit your target health & fitness level.
2. HIGHEST product reliability - We offer the longest warranty periods for our fitness equipment. Our supplements are lab-tested.
3. Guaranteed LOWEST price on ALL products. (We will match the lowest price you can find for the same product).
4. FAST on-site service (within 24 hours, including public holidays) for our equipment.
5. Largest range of fitness equipment & sports nutrition for your health & fitness needs.
6. Next day delivery, everyday!
7. We have experience with designing classic-looking gyms. Visit our showroom to see for yourself.
8. If you are a government organization, we are Gebiz Registered.


What we offer:


Amino Acids, Bars & Drinks, Carbohydrates, Diet & Weight Loss, General Health, Mass Gainers, Performance & Growth, Protein           

Fitness Equipment:

Aerobic Training Machines, Fitness Accessories, Free Weight Machine, Gym Bench, Home Gym, Pool Equipment, Racks & Stands, Strength Training, Yoga & Stretching


Testimonials from satisfied customers of

" really delivers the highest quality products at lowest prices and breakneck speeds - next day delivery! What else can you ask for? I bought a multi-gym system online and it was delivered the next day, assembled within a few hours. WOW! "
- Ryan, Managing Director of Kratos Garments Pte Ltd.

" provides our hall with all the best quality fitness equipment as well as training posters that are concise and helpful to achieve our best forms for crushing all competition out there."
- Jerm Ang, President, Marketing Committee of Eusoff Hall (Top Sports Hall of the Year 2007), NUS.

"Throughout the competition, helped me with my life-changing experience in achieving a better physique and overall performance by providing me with the highest quality supplements (such as Iso Sensation 93) available on the market."
- Gabriel Goh, Mister Singapore 2007

Value Added Services:
1. We can help you to design and build a professional and classic-looking gym with mirrors and rubber floorings.
2. We also provide personal training courses and gym maintenance.

3. We offer special discount schemes for all employees in the company on all our products including health supplements.


Contact Us:

If you are interested to know more about what we can offer, please

- Call: Ryan at 68946862/90076387.

- Email:

- Address: 48 Hillview Terrace, Hillview Building, #05-03 Singapore (669269)

- Visit our website at


Last updated on: 06/11/2008, 15:21:12hrs
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